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In this first installment of GenderVision, hosts Nancy Nangeroni and Gordene MacKenzie introduce us to an inclusive view of sex and gender. Then they speak with Esther Morris Leidolf, intersex advocate and founder of, about her experience of the medical profession's response to and treatment of her as a person born without a vagina.

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This program is now available on DVD. All proceeds go to Gender Education & Media.

The DVD includes the full program plus a special bonus segment, in which Esther performs a thoughtful and moving excerpt of her creation, "The Missing Vagina Monologue."

All proceeds support the work of Gender Education & Media.

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Comments (15)
  • Nicole
    I am also intersexed but with CAH. I have ringing in the ear and S Scoliosis of the spine. I do not cry about it. Very attracted to men and very feminine. Had my vagina fix to be like any other woman. I under stand about doctors. Even to this day when I tell them my problem, the want to take a peek. If I told my neighbor and he attempted to take a peed, he would be in jail.
  • Mysti  - Ms.
    [img][/img]Thanks guys your new format is great I look forward to more and need more. Things have been going bad for me I feel down a flight of concrete stairs laSt april and have been out of work on and offf ever since my boss is a bully and hate me since I transitioned 7 yrs ago. So he make it very hard on mt and has created a very hostile work enviroment. Any way happy for you guys and still love you guys I use to email you guys alot when I first transitioned and complained alot. Sorry for that I have grown up alot since then. Thank for all you do. Love Mysti
  • Casey Liam  - ooooh no raven
    Oooh, I hate ravin'raven! I used to listen to gendertalk, but I would always fast forward through the raven's part. It seems so random!
  • Lannie Rose  - Squaawk!
    Gotta love that Ravin' Raven!
  • Granuaile  - Great - Glad to see you back
    I was so happy to see the first installment of Gender Vision. I thought the program was great and appreciate the vision and effort that went into the program. Look forward to more to come...
  • Laura Marie  - Glad your back - Missed you!
    I really have missed listening to your shows. You were always a part of my Mondays. Now with video, your show will be even more informative and personal! Best of luck moving forward!
  • Kt  - Great show
    I really enjoyed this first episode of GenderVision, keep up the great work, I have never heard of MRKH before. I look forward to more :cheer:
  • Angel
    Thank you all for your many contributions to the community throughout the years! Well done!
  • Jo  - Great First Show!
    I just wanted to say how great it is to see you at last!! I've been listening to the radio stuff on and off over here in the UK for about 12 months (the old shows, via iTunes) and as a TS person in the last months of her fight to deny who she was, with all that attendant pain etc, you really helped me feel less alone (I posted once or twice on the gendertalk site). Now I'm transitioning...and you're on TV!! Things move on eh!? Great first show. Esther's story was very moving, I just felt for her so much. You looked a little nervous to start Nancy (hey I would be too!)...but you settled right down really quick ;-) And Gordene's :-) Looking forward to the next one!
  • femme
    So to you transgender includes people who are gay or lesbian since they don't grow up and marry those of the other sex or gender? I'm thinking that after so many years of talking on your radio program you could be more organized, less fumbling with your words and interrupting your guest when they are explaining things taking them off topic. Somewhat interesting show, I learned info about MRK that I did not know so to your guest thank you.
  • Jo
    Hey give them a's the first show!!!
  • Rena Shelton
    Great show Folks Please Keep them coming, And Congrats on your First. A great way to start Spring, with wonderful messages to keep the juices flowing Brightest Blessings Huggers xx Rena Shelton
  • Rachel Genthner  - Check it out
    Hi hope you can check my site to see a little about me i would love to tell my story about living in a little red neck town of Waldoboro your friend Rachel
  • Amber Thompson  - Yay!!!
    Welcome back!!! :woohoo:
  • Christine S. Macready
    I like this keep them comming
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