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Featuring Gunner Scott, co-founder and director of the Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition (MTPC). Scott discusses changes to public policy that are needed in order to create a truly transgender-inclusive society. He has earned widespread respect with his leadership in the Massachusetts-area transgender community, helping to create some of the most comprehensive resources available to transgender persons anywhere, including a free legal clinic and much more. MTPC is currently the lead sponsor of a statewide legislative initiative to provide protections for all people against discrimination in employment, education, credit and accommodations based on gender identity or expression.

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  • kristiene clarke  - DVD SEX CHANGE SHOCK HORROR PROBE
    Hi , my name is Kristiene Clarke and I am a transgendered film director with over seventy broadcast credits to my name. I have recently acquired the distribution rights to my critically acclaimed documentary ' Sex Change - Shock! Horror ! Probe ' that I made for Channel Four TV in 1989 and which, since then, has won numerous awards at International film festivals . The film includes education about trans issues , medical info, media interest in the subject , religion, the social aspects and legal issues of being transgendered and features Adele Anderson of Fascinating Aida , Oscar winner Tilda Swinton, Mark Rees and Dr. Russell Reid. It is also the first film ever about the subject of Transsexuality made by a Transgendered director / producer and played a vital role in our struggle for societal and cultural recognition and is an important part of our history with ther media. I am now self distributing the DVD version of my film for the price of ?15.99 and wondered if you could include the above blurb and sales info somewhere suitable on your website? Copies of the film can be obtained by contacting me via email or by telephone 07808 77 2203 , Any assistance to get this film to wider audience would be much appreciated, Please feel free to contact me if you need further info or have any queries, Best wishes , Kristiene
  • Debra Batchelder
    [b][/b][color=purple][/color]I am glade i found this site...i am a transgender person and have been living as debra full time for over a year but i have been cross dressing since i was 12 and now i am in my 30's...all the best debra...
  • Mysti  - Ms
    [color=fuchsia][/color]I miss your show so much I wish you guys would come back PLEASE. LOve Mysti
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