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The blatant ridicule of a transgender woman by Fox News host Greg Jarrett and guest Ian Drew is not excused by the host's inadequate apology.

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  • Jason  - Really?
    How was this even allowed to air? Obviously the reporter should be fired, but how about the staff who even let this story get through? You would think that a society which preaches individualism and human rights would be at least a little more sensitive to trans issues. With luck, Fox News will lose a lot of viewers over this one.
  • Atlanta FTM TransMale  - Insult
    That news anchor should be fired. I will never watch or support Fox News in Anyway. I am totally disgusted.
  • Delphi Lomeli  - Two Responses to Denigrating TG "Speaks"
    A minister named Russell Moore speaks of the "sin" of transgenderism. The following was my response as a comment on his web site. June 14, 2009 at 3:49 am One day the world will hear God
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