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Guest: Jaclyn Friedman, queer Jewish writer, award-winning performance poet, co-founder of the "Women, Action & the Media" conference, and co-editor of "Yes Means Yes: Visions of Female Power and a World Without Rape."
Gordene starts the conversation with a historical perspective on sexuality and feminism, from suffrage and Kinsey to ending violence against women, followed by discussion of a fresh perspective on women's power in today's world. 

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Part 2:

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Comments (8)
  • Caroline  - Great work
    Hi girls, you are really getting the hang of this new TV. Not just radio with pictures and the camera is becoming your friend. Just great, just not often enough! Shame that you cannot do something like an itunes download instead of posting dvds halfway round the world. I would have loved to have seen the GV2 extra segment, so probably would most other viewers, shame we cannot just pay you for the download. Enough gripe, you are doing a great job.
  • Nancy Nangeroni  - Thanks
    Thanks, Caroline for the kind words and the iTunes suggestion. We've applied for inclusion in the iTunes store, we'll see what Apple says!
  • Alison Davison  - Thanks for doing TV
    Thank you Nancy and Gordene Nice show! I used to listen to Gender Talk from time to time. It is good to see you on the air. I found myself wondering about video conference opportunities. I am way out in Arizona. About the
  • Nancy Nangeroni  - Thank you!
    Wish we were there in the warmth with you! We appreciate the kind comments (not sure why that nasty one from last November shows up for this new show, if I can't fix it, I'll just remove it). Sadly, video conferencing is not something we can do at present. Maybe one day... Best, Nancy
  • Robert Vaughn  - I love your show
    [color=fuchsia][/color]I loved your show. I do not find the show whiny. And I love viewing the show. It is important we remove the black and white nature of sexuality. I think we need a national crossdressing day for people who think sexuality is black and white. If a genetic woman can wear pants to work why cannot i wear a skirt ?
  • Bob Lawrence  - The Fashionable Descrimination
    As a white male I found your "show" exceptionaly offensive. No doubt there are a lot of ignorant people in this world that judge people by race and/or gender. And just 2 minutes of viewing your hateful, whiny show validates that.
  • Robert Vaughn  - Mister Lawrence
    I think you need to wear a dress and heels for a week. Hopefully , we will have re education camps under Obama to cure people like yourself of testosterone poisoning
  • Robert Vaughn  - Bob Lawrence
    Bob why do you even watch this if it offends you? It is not like this channel is easy to find. I think you want to be a gurl
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