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Transgender persons, like everyone else, have health care needs, but theirs are most often poorly understood by providers who have little to no experience with this population. Alejandro Marcel, diversity educator and trans health consultant, joins with hosts Nancy Nangeroni and Gordene MacKenzie, PhD., in outlining the concerns and needs faced by transgender persons in their access to health care. Discussion ranges from barriers to receiving treatment, to specific differences between male-to-female and female-to-male needs, to the most recent results of medical studies. Other program segments include a response to a transgender-disparaging Fox News segment, as well as a "Raving Raven" segment on gender diversity among animals.

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Transgender Health Care

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  • Vernon Diannah Porter  - Just to say hello
    Nancy, thought you might be interested to know that Lady Di (Vernon from Vernon's Specialites in Waltham, MA) is now doing a talk program on WOMR/WFMR relating to the GLBT issues. Would be interested in having you on my program some time when you are available. Lots of hugs and warm regards from Ptown. Diannah Porter (Lady Di) Recent program links.
  • Mark Reily  - Transgender Health Care
    I rarely come across someone writing about this stuff. But this is great post and the video is informative too. Thanks. Me, Doctor Reily
  • Nikkolett M Guyer  - Transgender health care
    Nancy Please get your prostate check as much as it is embarrasing to have it done I get it done by my GP. I feel taking care of my self is important as a mtf woman. I enjoy the show Nikki Guyer
  • Patricia St August  - Health care Transgender
    Can you recommend a doctor in Portland for a transgender(female to male)?
  • Nancy Nangeroni
    I'm sorry, we can't make referrals. There's a vibrant trans community in Portland where you should be able to find help.
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