I just wanted to let you lovely ladies know, how much your show meens to someone like me.I am 38 years old and live in Farmington Mo. Needless to say theres not a lot of info about LGBT issues in the heart of the bible belt. I have lived a life of fear, self deniale and self destruction, not unlike most Transsexuals. Me being a trans-woman in the country, meens I am litteraly the first MTF, my physciatrist and case-manager have had the privalidge to meet. So in a sense I am helping them understand "GID" on a first name bases. So I try to find the resources to help them help me.your site is one of them. I also just found a specalist in St.Louis Mo. thats helping, by starting me on HRT. I guess what Im trying to say is, if it wasnt for people like your selves, people like me in small towns would never get to here any thing possotive and reashuring. Thank you very much for being such wonderful and loving spirits. sincearly, small town girl, (Trisha Portell).